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“We’ve worked with Imber Court Reporters for 10 years and have found them to be the best in the business. As a defense firm, we’re concerned about the professionalism of the reporters we use (timely, fast, accurate, discreet, etc.) as well as the convenience they provide (electronic delivery, phone/video depo service, location services, etc.) We’ve found Imber to be unmatched in both of those key areas. Our clients are employers and insurance providers on workers comp and employment law matters, and cost is a huge driver on the vendors they select. Imber is competitively priced, and the value you receive far exceeds any potential savings gained from discount providers. Imber has a top-notch calendaring system and has been able many times to secure reporters, locations and even interpreters for us on a rush basis.”

J.B. - Irvine, California

“The staff and reporters at Imber Court Reporters always exhibit the highest level of professionalism. Scheduling reporters for depositions couldn’t be easier—and as a solo practitioner, I’m grateful that the staff at Imber contacts me the day before every job. Confirming that depositions are going forward really takes the burden off me.”

P.B. - Pasadena, California

“Many of Sedgwick’s large national programs choose Imber as their preferred court reporting solution because they know they’ll get a best-in-class product at a fair, competitive price. Litigation management is very important to Sedgwick—and partnering with Imber helps us achieve great outcomes for our clients.”

E.C. - Riverside, California

“Imber Court Reporters is the best. They’re a professional, skillful and efficient firm our defense attorneys love to partner with. ICR is the epitome of experienced sophistication.”

S.G. - Torrance, California

“There’s no one I trust more than Imber Court Reporters. I know I can count on them to be timely, reliable and excellent with every single assignment. I won’t use anyone else.”

S.H. - Beverly Hills, California

“Imber Court Reporters is a class act. They’re very easy to work with, extremely accurate and always on time. Expedited transcripts are never a problem.”

G.G. - Sherman Oaks, California

“I highly recommend Imber Court Reporters for their exceptional skill, professionalism and high-quality transcripts. They’re committed to providing great customer service and an excellent work product. I’ve been pleased to work with Imber reporters on many occasions and have enormous respect for their skill, commitment and passion.”

S.C. - Long Beach, California

“Imber Court Reporters is the most reliable, responsive and efficient reporting company in the industry.”

D.L. - Pasadena, California

“Our firm has used Imber Court Reporters for over a year, and they’re head and shoulders above all others when it comes to professionalism, quality and customer service. Imber defines court reporter excellence in a very competitive arena. They should be on every law firm’s Rolodex as the first choice for court reporting.”

H.H. - Irvine, California

“Imber Court Reporters is a great company to work with. They always deliver great customer service, have the friendliest staff and provide excellent court reporters!”

R.C. - Brea, California

“Our firm has used Imber Court Reporting for more than a decade. Both our staff and attorneys love the professional relationship that has developed. There’s never been a time when Imber has been unable to accommodate our needs, no matter how big or small. Court reporters show up on time and have obvious experience. The owner, Heather, takes great pride in making sure everything runs smoothly. This is probably a large part of reason our staff loves dealing with her agency. I highly recommend Imber Court Reporting because Heather and her team will be taking over the world.”

P.K. - Glendale, California